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Durable mats made from recycled rubber with polyurethane binders. The mats anchor to the ground with galvanized steel anchors. Lawn mower equipment can pass over the mat cutting all the grass without the use of line trimmers while still staying a safe distance from the light.
True Mowing Efficiency

The patented anchoring system and elongated “football” shape was designed to allow maintenance crews with larger mowers to mow in a line, from light-to-light and make only one pass on each side of the light. The Football Mat is 4 feet wide by 7 feet long. The Football Mat uses 6 ground anchors to secure it in place. Mowers can move in a more natural mowing arc around airfield lights, expediting the mowing process even further. The Airfield Mats are large enough to prevent lights from disappearing into the tall grass letting the mowing crew better visually identify the light location preventing “accidental breakage”. Other smaller mats do not accomplish this same efficiency and often still require line-trimming to complete the job. When lighting, sign and fencing projects are bid under the Airport Improvement Programs(AIP) this Airfield Mat System qualifies as part of the funded project. Plan on protecting your airport’s investment with the time and cost savings of the Airfield Mat system.

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