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It’s common today that airport lighting projects now include a general specification for a mat to be placed around runway lights.

These mats are intended to provide several benefits:
1) To keep mowing equipment further from the light to help prevent accidental breakage.
2) To alleviate the need to use manual line trimming to keep the grass managed around the lights.
3) To prevent the need to spray poison (ie “Agent Orange”) around the lights that kills the grass and then leads to erosion.

The Mission is to provide a barrier around the light post large enough that mower equipment can be adequately accommodated.

The need for such a solution is highly obvious to an airport manager and airport maintenance crews. Getting the right size mat installed is important.

NOTE THE SIZE DIFFERENCE of these two mats. The larger one covers about 5 times the ground and is 8 times more accommodating to a mower due to its patented shape and anchoring design. This voice generally needs to pass through several levels of authority before the airport implement the solution. The airport managers, airport engineers consultants, state project managers, state engineers, project engineers, state and federal funding, suppliers, general contractors, electrical contractors and finally the installation crews can all contribute before the airfield gets to experience the benefits of the airfield mats.
Now it does cost more and YOU GET MUCH MORE; 5-8 times more. The airport can pay about $150 and get a true solution. The Larger mat saves the airports on ground poisons, prevents erosion, and eliminates manually trimming around each light. Experience the cost savings benefits that smaller mats cannot live up to. Why waste $75 on a place holder, with little or no benefit, that doesn’t work and still requires manual attention around each light to maintain the grass?

“I save money and the value of my time having the large mats around the lights at the airport. About $10-15 per light, per month… less labor, no need for herbicides, less wear and tear on my equipment and me. They keep the lights looking tidy.”
-- Jerry Leturmy, Maintenance Contractor, Boca Raton, Florida

“The small rounds ones, they didn’t impress me none. Tried to cut over them, had to orbit them, they didn’t stay in place…. The football ones, the mower goes over them really nice, they will save me a lot of time and a lot of trouble.”
-- Sparky, Airport Mgr., Benton County Airport, Camden Tennessee


It is important that the efficient end result is accomplished. Too often, in efforts to cut corners, smaller inadequate mat sizes are settled for. Look out for the BEST interest of your airport. Insist on the right solution. Whether you are the airport manager, the engineer, the consultants or contractor be knowledgeable about the Echo Advisory Football Mat as the best solution that will have the best end results.

In the same way the new LED lights save lots of money on the “backend” in electrical utility bills and light bulb replacement. These mats save lots of money on the “backend” in labor, material and time costs. The right time to implement them is NOW and in future projects. When implementing them now financing can be arranged to accommodate reoccurring budget requirements. When implemented in future projects AIP and other funding options are available. Make sure the funding goes towards the actual solution not just a settled for oversized Frisbee.

The Echo Advisory Football ($150) mat overlaps and can be installed over the other’s $75 mat.

More economically, The Echo Advisory Football Mat comes with its own insert for only $10
Yes that’s right. The $10 collar insert for the Football Mat provides about the same benefit of the other’s $75 mat!
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