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Performance Results Report

In January of 2005 The Boca Raton Airport installed the Echo Advisory Airfield Mats on each of its runway lights. These mats are anchored by the Echo Advisory patented anchoring system.

On October 24, 2005, Hurricane Wilma presented the Boca Raton Airport with a direct hit and winds estimated at 120 miles per hour.

The Airport suffered extreme damage to countless aircraft and almost every structure on the airfield. Hanger doors were complete ripped off many of the T-Hangers. Two very large corporate hangers completely collapsed in the force of Hurricane Wilma winds.

Upon inspection of the airfield it was found that NONE of the Echo Advisory Airfield Mats were dislodged. The Anchoring system performed its duties and survived one of the worst tests nature has to offer.

The Echo Advisory® Airfield Mat Systems aka. “LightSaver™ Mat” is protected by US. Patent 6,527,407
and Federal Case No. 03-61343-CIV-MORENO in the US District Court of Southern District of Florida.

Steve Byers, inventor and sole owner of Patent Number 6,527,407 requests purchaser verify suppliers licensing rights through
Echo Advisory at 412-401-5025
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