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Optimal Mat Performance
Reviewing the mowing path taken by the mowing vehicles
it can be concluded the football mat the most optimal design.

A = Recommended
B&C = Less Desirable

Mowers weave around the perimeter of a light as they proceed along a directional path down the runway or taxiway. The blue line depicts the path of a mower decks edge as it passes by a light

The football or elongated shaped mat complements this mowing path giving the mower perimeter a length of 7 feet and a width of 4 feet around the light.

The same path reduced to match a round mat shows that a mower decks perimeter utilizes a much smaller ratio of the mat. In the case of a 4ft diameter mat the mats effectiveness of the mowing perimeter is reduced from 7 to 4 feet length wise and 4 to 2 feet in width. In the case of smaller mats such as a 26 inch mat the effectiveness of the mat is reduced to inches not feet.

Mower operators often find themselves taking a more frustrating approach to round mats resulting in a pattern called orbiting. This often results in mower wheels taking sharp turns on the mat and the mower is more likely to buckle or dislodge the mat.

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